About International Book of Honour (IBH)

Welcome to the International Book of Honour (IBH), where global excellence meets humanitarian values. Established in England, the IBH is more than an awards organization; it is a visionary movement dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievements across diverse disciplines, fostering a culture of respect for human rights, and championing peace, justice, and non-violence.

Vision: Crafting a Tapestry of Global Harmony

Our vision is to weave a world united in harmony, resonating with universal peace, and thriving on innate leadership. At IBH, we envision a future where shared human values transcend borders, and every individual is empowered to dream and contribute to making those dreams a reality.

Mission: Spotlighting Humanity, Inspiring Change

The IBH’s mission is to spotlight the unseen humanitarian crises of our time, stirring inspiration within each soul. We champion the cause of kindness, empowering individuals to become architects of a world filled with empathy, peace, and unity. Through this mission, we aspire to kindle a beacon of hope that transforms the very landscape of humanity.

Values: Guiding the Journey of Shared Humanity

At IBH, our values serve as the heartbeat of our shared humanity. Compassion, understanding, courage, integrity, inclusivity, and love guide our path. These values are not just principles; they echo our promise to the world—a promise of hope, unity, and shared responsibility. We believe in fostering a culture where empathy thrives, courage reverberates, integrity resonates, inclusivity blossoms, and love binds us all in its irrevocable embrace.

More Than Awards: A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

IBH is more than an awards organization; it embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence. We celebrate achievements that resonate with our core principles, inspiring a global community to strive for excellence, foster peace, and champion justice.

Showcasing Stalwarts of Society: A Beacon of Humanity

IBH is not just about recognizing talent; it’s about bringing to the forefront the stalwarts of society who have led with compassion and made unparalleled contributions to the world. We proudly showcase these beacon lights of humanity, illuminating their paths for others to follow.

A Movement for Peace, Justice, and Non-violence

Beyond recognition, IBH is a movement advocating peace, justice, and non-violence. We stimulate public discourse on crucial global issues, fostering a culture of respect for human rights, and endorsing peaceful conflict resolution.

Join us in our commitment to crafting a world where every individual can dream and strive to make those dreams a reality an inclusive, compassionate, and harmonious world that reflects the very essence of our shared humanity. IBH: Recognizing Excellence, Inspiring Change.

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