Prof (Dr) Diwakar Sukul, PhD

As the Chairman of the International Book of Honour (IBH), I welcome you to a space that celebrates extraordinary talent, leadership, and humanity. IBH is more than an institution; it is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and a spotlight on those unsung heroes whose strides better our world.

From our roots in England, we’ve become a cornerstone for uplifting individuals dedicated to societal improvement across an array of fields. Our mission goes beyond recognizing excellence; we’re a voice for peace, justice, and non-violence, stimulating public discourse on these essential issues.

Our ethos is encapsulated in the term “magna cum laude” – it is through this spirit of exemplary performance and dedication that we inspire change. At IBH, we believe in recognizing achievements not just for personal gains, but for their transformative ripple effect in society. Together, let’s continue this journey of recognizing and honouring the greatness of humanity.

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